About Ettore


Behind the gelato is a man named Ettore:
A professionally trained Gelato Chef and Sommelier, who hails from Italy and a family of refined tastes.

Flavour runs in his genes; he grew up in his parent’s renowned restaurant in Milano, and his brother has become a top pastry chef.

Ettore has taken his love of gelato and is applying his years of experience in Italy and worldwide; to bring you back to the old-world at the first bite.

The study and the technology behind Ettore Gelato allow him to produce the most authentic Italian gelato in Bali.

His secret is artisanal, meaning every recipe, flavour and topping is designed and created with Ettore’s own hands and without industrial mixes. This procedure allows more creativity and the ability to offer new exciting and customized flavours.

About Gelato

Gelato, born in Italy in the 18th Century, to accomplish the palate of noble people in Florence has become now a cult following around the world.
In Italy gelato is a food, not ”junk” food, and even used as a meal replacement! It contains all the nutrients, from fat to protein, sugars and fibers, that we daily need, and consider healthy.
Last but not least, it makes you extra happy!


Gelato has less content of air, giving a more dense and tasty bite.


Gelato has less sugar and fat content but is creamier in texture and served at a warmer temperature.


It is made with pure quality ingredients and contains all the supplements we need in our daily life.

Our gelato is made from scratch and with Balinese ingredients, personally selected by the Chef in specific areas of the island. Especially, cocoa, chocolate and fresh fruits comes from Kintamani, Bedugul and Tabanan Area.