Behind the best gelato in Bali there is a man named Ettore Chiodini: a professional Gelato Chef and Sommelier, who hails from Italy and a family of refined tastes.

Flavour runs in his genes as he grew up working in his parent’s renowned restaurant near Milano, discovering his passion for food and wine. Ettore completed a Bachelor in Science of Agriculture, and has taken his passion for gelato further by studying with other Italian chefs – working meticulously for the best result. Ettore has applied his years of experience and developed various projects in Italy and worldwide. He now runs his own gelato shop in Bali and continues to share flavours with his clients. 

The great study and technology behind gelato making has allowed Ettore to produce the most authentic Italian gelato in Bali. His secret is artisanal, meaning that every recipe, idea, gelato flavour or topping, is designed and created with Ettore’s own heart and hands, without industrial premixes. 

This procedure allows more creativity and the ability to offer new exciting and customised flavours, making Ettore Gelato the best artisan gelato in Bali.